Shape tools are located in the brush panels, above the brush list, and work in relation with the brush you are using.


Getting Started with Callipeg

Learn to Save & Backup

Callipeg automatically saves the shot you are working on every 30 seconds. The shot is also saved when you go back to the Studio. If you want to make sure your shot is saved, go back to the Studio before closing the app.

Learn the Timeline

The Timeline is located at the bottom of the interface. It can contain numerous layers and be stretched up through the height of the interface.

Learn the Studio

The Studio is the first interface you see when you open Callipeg. It gathers all the shots and scenes you make using the app.

There, the animations you make can be sorted by scenes or shots that were lastly modified or opened.

Learn the Selection & Transformation

You can access the Selection and Transformation tools by taping on the 3rd icon at the top right of the interface. The icon switches when you are using either the selection or the transformation tool.
You can switch between the Selection and Transformation tools in the side-bar.

Learn the Layers

You can find the layers in the left part of the timeline, at the bottom-left of the interface. If you are using Callipeg in left-handed mode, the layers are in the bottom-right corner of the interface. If you can’t see the layers or the timeline, tap on the 3rd icon located on the left part of the top bar (on the right part if you are using the left-handed mode) to toggle the Timeline.

Learn the Interface

When you create or open a shot you access the main interface, where you can draw and animate.

The features are mainly icons and placed in a manner that their use is as intuitive as possible and complying with the iPad ergonomics and design.

Learn the Gestures

Callipeg is designed to operate the iPad gestures possibilities to make your use of the app as quick and intuitive as possible.