Sequence Import

To import an image sequence, in the Studio tap on Import and on Sequence. Select the folder containing your image sequence and tap on Done. Then the import windows lets you select the images you wish to import. All the images contained in the folder are selected by default. You can import several folders at […]

Peg Import

Peg files are the animation files exported from Callipeg with the file extension .peg. These files can be opened in Callipeg and contain all your animation data. Peg files can be shots that you exported yourself or backup files automatically generated by the app. Learn more about backups To import a Callipeg .PEG file, in […]

Import From The Shot

From the layers Tap on the Import icon located at the top of the layers pile to access the import options Photo Album, Files and Sequence. Photo Album Import images from your Photos app.When you import an image in a shot, the image will automatically resize to the shot’s dimensions. Files Allows you to import […]

The Floating Menu

Use two-finger long touch to open the floating menu where you can access additional options and colors. Drag the floating menu wherever you want with a long-touch in the grey area. In the basic state of the floating menu, you can access the following additional options: Clears the canvas by deleting all the pixels on the […]


Tap on the 4th icon in the side-bar to switch to the Transformation tool. You then have access to the transformation UI which is a box surrounding the selection with 8 handles and a rotation bar. If nothing is selected when you switch to the transformation tool, you will transform the existing pixels on the current sheet.In […]

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly perform an action with a combination of keys. Press and hold Command ⌘ to display all keyboard shortcuts available. Learn how to use the Brushes

Gestures On The Timeline

A single tap with the Apple Pencil on the timeline sends you at the corresponding image or time of the animation. You can’t single tap with the finger to prevent the change of frame in the timeline with the palm of the hand. Drag left and right with the finger or the Apple Pencil to […]

Gestures On The Layers

Tap on a layer to set it as the current layer and to edit it. Double-tap on the name of the layer to rename it. If the name is too long to be displayed, pinch your fingers apart to hide the icons and show more of the name. Pinch it back to place. Swipe from […]

Gestures On The Canvas

Use a two-finger tap on the canvas to undo the action and a three-finger tap to redo the action. Drag up and down with 3 fingers on the Canvas to flip through the sheets. Drag up and down with 3 fingers on the Canvas to flip through the sheets. Two-finger long touch to open the […]

The Canvas

The main part of the interface is of course the canvas where you can draw with the Apple Pencil. The fingers and touch gestures are meant for other purposes that are explained in the Gestures section. In the tab Canvas you can set the Background Color by tapping on the color circle on the right […]