What's New

Callipeg 1.6


  • Added a new type of layer: Transformation layer.
  • Added markers. You can add marker by double tapping on the timeline’s ruler.
  • Added HEVC export (transparent videos)
  • Added a raw not antialiased brush.
  • Added a lock in onion skin options that allows to move sliders relative from each other.
  • Added an option to disable gestures while drawing, to prevent some unintended gestures from happenning.
  • Added a “gesture bypass” button on the left control bar when transformation tools are selected. This allows zooming/panning on the canvas while transforming.
  • Added ellipse to selection shapes.
  • Added anchor point to regular transformation.
  • Added basic keyboard support (hold command to see shortcut list).
  • Added support for Traditionnal Chinese.
  • Gifs can now be exported with transparency.
  • Export parameters are now persistent and will be remembered when restarting Callipeg.
  • All color wheels now have a picker button to pick any color from the app.
  • NumPads can now handle negative numbers when needed.
  • Using one finger touch while moving transformation will snap the movement to reference lines.
  • Copying/Pasting pixels can now be done through differents apps.
  • Changing opacity will now apply opacity to all selected layers.

User Interface

  • Tap with finger on the timeline will no longer change current frame to prevent unintentional palm changes. It still works for pencil.
  • Timeline’s horizontal autoscroll sensitivity was tweaked, so it feels less “uncontrollable”.
  • Undo/Redo gestures can now be performed on the timeline
  • Timeline drag bar will be hidden if timeline can’t be enlarged.
  • Changed both RadialMenus by ActionPanels.
  • Moving a sheet or a videoclip is now relative. It no longer puts the clip’s starting frame at touch location.


  • JSON export now works properly.
  • Transforming images will now reflect the layer’s opacity.
  • Drag&Drop an image from another app when pencil tool is active no longer moves the sheet’s content instead of the dropped image.
  • Solo visibility for layers now work with multiple selected layers.
  • MP4 export no longer have random black frames at the beginning.
  • Double tapping to fill outside of the canvas will no longer crash the app.
  • Tool’s opacity now works properly with pressure.
  • Locked layers can no longer be transformed.
  • The app is now preventing two shots from having the same name within the same scene.
  • Shapes now take selection and alpha lock into account.
  • Color sliders now update properly.
  • It’s no longer possible to do fills while transforming.
  • Splitting a video clip will keep the transformation on both segments.
  • Rotation handle no longer reverses.
  • Copying a layer will now copy its opacity and lock state.
  • Timeline will now scroll properly after merging layers.
  • Editing ending frame of a clip with magnet off will now properly push elements into empty frames.