What's New

Callipeg 1.6.1


  • Added “previous” and “next” frame buttons on the side-bar.
  • Added three buttons on top of the timeline: “Select all layers“, “Reset timeline” and “Fit timeline to current/selected layers“.
  • Actions that group many undos (such as deleting multiple layers, or layers fusion) will now only require one single undo.
  • Magnet will be off by default on newly created layers, as this behaviour is usually not wanted.
  • Long touches on some buttons will now display a help tooltip that describes what they do.
  • Added a “What’s New” popup at the app launch.
  • Added a realistic line preview for smoothing, making the unsmoothed/smoothed parts of the line seamless. There is an option to turn it off and use the white line preview if needed.

User Interface

  • It is now possible to select all layers and remove them all. This will remove all layers but one, as there must always be at least one layer.
  • Drag previews for sheets are no longer offset.
  • Curves can now be edited horizontally/vertically using 1 or 2 fingers instead of 2 or 3.
  • Added an option to disable thumbnails rendering in the timeline.
  • Tapping the onion skin, the magnet, the layer transformation visible and pivot style buttons now applies to every selected layers.
  • Tool lists and color pickers are no longer shown full screen when the app size is small (in split screen situations).
  • Added a shape switcher button on color wheels to switch between triangle and square.
  • Flip HUD won’t show unless timeline is not visible, as it is redundant information that takes a lot of visual space.


  • Modifying starting frame of sheets will properly push previous sheets when magnet is on.
  • GIF export no longer crashes on big shots.
  • Size estimation for images should be more accurate, meaning there should be less memory overflows.
  • JSON is back in the export format list.
  • Raw brush has now a better rasterized shape.
  • Tool size now represents the diameter size, and no longer the radius.
  • Flattening transformation layers will now properly render across all sheets covered by the transformation.
  • Moving transformation layers will now properly move their children in the hierarchy.
  • Tool smoothing no longer makes “3” shapes.
  • Fixed a crash that would happen when loading too many different tools.
  • Shots are now saved right at the moment of their creation to avoid “Red Squared” shots appearing in the Studio.
  • Flood fill no longer goes out of boundaries from the bottom.
  • Crashes that would happen when drawing, when opening big shots and others.


  • Using GPU to compute some of the image compositions, making drawing and scrubbing faster.
  • Images are now saved after each stroke, making writing faster and saving drawings more often.
  • Added a cache for scrubbing, making scrubbing instantaneous once cached.
  • Timeline manipulation has been greatly improved by doing a smarter rendering of the sheets.