What's New

Callipeg 1.7


  • Audio layer.
  • PSD import is now available.
  • Added the option Zoom Quality Threshold to parameter a smooth pixel quality when zooming.
  • Added a new gesture, similar to slice down: Slice Up, which splits the drawing sheet without keeping its content.
  • Video layer: Added a Rasterize button. Which will render the video layer into a drawing layer.
  • Added a button to Select All Visible Pixels of the current layer in the selection shapes options.
  • BypassHUD will now be persistent throughout app sessions.
  • Selection strokes can now be undone using undo/redo.

User Interface

  • Adding a new layer can now be accessed in an “Add Layer” menu.
  • Timeline objects have been slightly changed visually.
  • Timeline colors have been changed.
  • When the app is on smaller screens (split screen essentially), the top bar will now be extendable to show/hide the missing icons.
  • Added tooltips when holding touch on some buttons.
  • Changing language can now be done in Options -> General. You can switch to any supported language. It requires a full restart of the app in order to be fully processed.
  • Textfield inputs will display properly using the Pencil. It  has a bigger area in order to scribble on.
  • Double tapping on a slider will prompt a numpad for manual input.
  • Onion Skin can now be switched On and Off even when the layer is locked.
  • Timeline now stays open during playback.
  • Layers icons have been reorganised, the Magnet has been placed in the layer menu and Visibility has been placed in the front icon list.


  • Raw brush can now be used as an eraser.
  • Crash if Snap Angle is set to 0° angle.
  • Multiple crashes.
  • Transformation layer: if there was no drawing sheet at the current frame, a transformation box would still be displayed.
  • Texture will now be saved for custom brushes.
  • JSON export will always work when choosing “Save to Files”.
  • Multiple PNG sequence export will no longer fail.
  • Magnet behaviour wouldn’t work on video clips.