What's New

Callipeg 1.8


  • Added image sequence import.
  • PSD Export.
  • Added JSON based exports for various softwares.
  • Added OCA export format.
  • Floating menu has been changed to be a floating palette, with a color picker and color palettes.
  • Added a nodal naming system, that allows for customizable export naming.
  • You can now import multiple files at once.
  • Added a dedicated fill tool instead of the double tap method.
  • Added image references.
  • Importing images that are not the same size as the current shot will now work, resulting in a resized image that fits the shot.
  • Imports can now be done within a shot as well.
  • Color palettes can now be exported/imported.
  • Peg files can now be opened directly into Callipeg from the finder just by tapping on them.
  • Added progress bars and actions are now cancellable.
  • Added quick transform. This allows you to go in transform mode right after selection automatically.
  • Added pixel selection inversion.
  • Audio files can now be drag&dropped into a shot.
  • Brushes can now be reordered.
  • Added configurable default sheet length in the options.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for next sheet, next marker, previous sheet and previous marker.
  • Videos and transform layers can now be flattened given a step (not 1 sheet per frame necessarily).
  • Layer’s visibility changes are now undoable.
  • Added a first/last frame button, to quickly reach first and last frame of the shot (or selection).
  • Added a “add new sheet” button.
  • Raw brush can be duplicated.

User Interface

  • Changed selected area rendering.
  • Added a side bar and moved tools from top to side bar.
  • Selection tools have been split to their own icon.
  • Options menu has been reworked and now has a compact layout when viewing it in split view.
  • Timeline no longer hides when playing.
  • Tap on the timeline will stop playing.


  • Adding sheets is now faster on big shot files.
  • Memory issues on exports.
  • Raw brush is now masked if there is a selection.
  • Various bugs and memory issues.


  • Maximum shot size is now 4096 px.