What's New

Callipeg 2.0


  • Animation cycles.
  • Linked sheets.
  • Perspective transformation.
  • Mark in and mark out.
  • Added floating handles to edit sheets that are too small (too zoomed out).
  • Transformation layers now have a new parameter: Opacity.
  • Added a bottom bar to hold timeline action buttons and a new info section.
  • Info panel in the bottom bar. This section provides informations on the shot / current selection / current layer.
  • Added shortcut: ‘o‘ to toggle onion skin on current layer.
  • Added shortcut: ‘cmd + a‘ to select all layers.
  • Added shortcut: ‘cmd + x‘ to cut.
  • Added shortcut: ‘f‘ to select fill tool.
  • Added shortcut: ‘cmd‘ and ‘option‘ to act as one/two fingers modifiers.
  • Pressing ‘return‘ will now apply any current transformation.
  • Added ‘.‘ as a separator in naming expressions.
  • It is now possible to use the zoom/pan gestures on the timeline’s ruler.
  • Ruler will now display object’s starting and ending frame in bold.
  • Zooming/panning in image references has been improved.
  • Added a “select all” button in the studio when in ‘select’ mode.
  • Added an option to show touches on screen (options -> general -> Show Touches).
  • Better naming recognition when importing image sequences.
  • Added timing behaviours: NeverPush neighbours, that will prevent any sheet to push neighbours and the standard Push, that acts as usual, meaning it will push neighbours if needed.
  • Double tap on the ruler now opens the marker menu, allowing for fast marker creation and easy mark in/out management.
  • New clip value buttons are now slidable.
  • Importing images that are over 4096×4096 pixels will now ask the user for downscaling the images, so that shot remains manageable performance wise.
  • When transforming multiple sheets at different frames, the HUD will show the entire pixel box of all the sheets.
  • Onion skin now have the option to be rendered over or under current layer’s drawing.

User Interface

  • Callipeg user interface has been redesigned.
  • Ruler + timeline grid will always show frames multiples (settable in options) and will be smoother when zooming in/out.
  • Added a spinning wheel when a shot is being saved in the studio.
  • Warning messages are now more visible and provide better feedback.
  • Frame selection slider under export preview has been changed to a range slider, allowing to easily set start / end frames as well as current previewed frame.
  • Added option to change side bar’s position (options -> general -> Flip slider bar position).
  • Optimized timeline rendering.
  • Sheet’s length is now always visible when selected.
  • Added a ‘More options’ button to every shot box in the studio.
  • Actions that require multiple sheets to be selected are no longer visible if only one is selected.
  • When using gesture to zoom in/out during a transformation, the HUD will be hidden during the gesture.


  • New transformation layers will be named after the first child.
  • Flattened transformation layers will now be named after the first child.
  • Copying layers will ensure that new names are unique.
  • Imported pegs will now use filename to name the shot.
  • Pasting a layer will cause timeline to center around the whole content of the layer.
  • The ‘inverse’ action will now swap sheets if there are only 2 selected.
  • Flattened transformation layer will now be positioned right above the original layer instead of being at the very top.
  • Quality menu for interpolation is now an action panel.
  • Undoing a transformation layer flattening will also undo the visibility turned off.
  • Backups no longer start by themselves. They are now prompted via notifications for the user to start. This allows the app to perform backups on the main process and cause less conflicts.
  • Locked layers can no longer be pasted on, nor cleared.
  • Snaps when transforming are now relative to the zoom level.
  • Split gesture will fail if double tap is detected, resulting in less conflicts with rubber band selection.
  • Play/Pause no longer focuses current layer in timeline.
  • Holding one finger to draw rectangles and ellipses will now draw from diagonal/diameter.
  • New keyframes will have no tangents by default.


  • Reference image import would sometimes fail.
  • Transformations would be ignored if any parent was hidden.
  • BypassHUD is now persistent.
  • Closing transformation layer’s curve editor will now properly refocus current layer.
  • Fill preview will properly use previous threshold value.
  • Exporting psd with empty layers is now handled.
  •  Software choice for JSON export is now properly persistent.
  • MP4/HEVC export should no longer crash when trying to export big shots.


  • Creating new sheets and layer will now be faster.