We recently implemented a video layer where you can import videos from you Album or files!
Watch the video tutorial and learn how to use this new layer and the other new additions:


The new Callipeg Animation Challenge is officially launched! Make a 2D animation loop using the following drawing from Travis Blaise as your first and final frame. Have fun animating!

Download Travis Blaise's file and start the new challenge right away! You have until July 31st to submit your animation as explained in the video.

Create your animations on iPad with Callipeg

All the features you need to start animating in one App

A fully controllable Timeline

Customizable Brushes

Import images and videos

Export your projects and videos

Change the FPS rate

Onion skin and flipping features

What artists have to say

Professional Reviews

Learn Callipeg

Learn how to use Callipeg with our online documentation or by watching our video tutorials on YouTube.


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