A studio for your big ideas

One tiny price, just once.

A studio for your big ideas

One tiny price, just once.

Derived from iPadOS app Callipeg, Callipeg mini is a complete animation studio within the palm of your hand.

We have completely redesigned Callipeg for the iPhone to offer you a maximum experience in a mini format.

Just smaller.

Get a fully manageable timeline, within a simple and decluttered interface designed for gestures and screen rotation.

Enjoy audio, video, transformation layers and groups to get your traditional animation to the next level.

Flip your animation on your iPad from your iPhone

With your Callipeg mini in remote mode, you can flip your drawings, play your animation, move from one frame to another… and much more to come.

Start on your iPhone, continue on your iPad

Sketch and animate whenever you get the idea,
wherever you are.

You can send your Callipeg files from your iPhone to your iPad or even export it to your computer and import it in standard animation software.

Callipeg mini can either be your complete animation studio or fit in your existing pipeline.

Use a complete studio to organise your production

Manage your shots, scenes and folders.
Add color tags to keep track of your progress.

Enjoy your new animation studio

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