Save & Backup

Callipeg automatically saves the shot you are working on every 30 seconds. The shot is also saved when you go back to the Studio. If you want to make sure your shot is saved, go back to the Studio before closing the app.

Import & Export

Tap on Import at the top-right of the Studio to import a photograph, an image, a video or a file.

Transformation Layer

The transformation layer allows you to keyframe a transformation of a drawing, an animation or a video. That way, you can move drawings or animations very quickly with a system of keyframes and curves.

Video Layer

The video layer allows you to import videos from your Photo Album or from your Files. You can also shoot a video directly from the Studio and start a new shot from there.


The Timeline is located at the bottom of the interface. It can contain numerous layers and be stretched up through the height of the interface.


You can find the layers in the left part of the timeline, at the bottom-left of the interface. If you are using Callipeg in left-handed mode, the layers are in the bottom-right corner of the interface.


You can access the Colors by tapping on the Color icon at the top-right of the interface.
The icon circle contains the current color.
When you first open the Color panel, you see the Chromatic Wheel which allows you to easily choose your colors.

Selection & transformation

You can access the Selection and Transformation tools by tapping on the 3rd icon at the top right of the interface. The icon switches when you are using either the selection or the transformation tool.
You can switch between the Selection and Transformation tools in the side-bar.


Shape tools are located in the brush panel, above the brush list, and work in relation with the brush you are using.


Callipeg has predefined brushes which enable you to start drawing from rough to clean without straying too far from your usual tools. After being accustomed to the App and the brushes, you will be able to make your own brushes by handling the brush parameters.