Release Note 1.7.0

What’s New Callipeg 1.7 Features Audio layer. PSD import is now available. Added the option Zoom Quality Threshold to parameter a smooth pixel quality when zooming. Added a new gesture, similar to slice down: Slice Up, which splits the drawing sheet without keeping its content. Video layer: Added a Rasterize button. Which will render the […]

Release Note 1.6.1

What’s New Callipeg 1.6.1 Features Added “previous” and “next” frame buttons on the side-bar. Added three buttons on top of the timeline: “Select all layers”, “Reset timeline” and “Fit timeline to current/selected layers”. Actions that group many undos (such as deleting multiple layers, or layers fusion) will now only require one single undo. […]

Release Note 1.6

What’s New Callipeg 1.6 Features Transformation Layer Markers HEVC Added a new type of layer: Transformation layer. Added markers. You can add marker by double tapping on the timeline’s ruler. Added HEVC export (transparent videos) Added a raw not antialiased brush. Added a lock in onion skin options that allows to move sliders relative from […]