Options There are 2 buttons on the shot, the first one “Open” will open the shot and the second one “Compress” will compress the shot and reduce its storage size. Tap on the shot, scene, or folder menu to access the options.


Filters Tap on this icon in the top bar to open the side bar and manage the filters. In the side bar you can choose to filter certain categories to display in the Studio. There are 4 categories: shots, scenes, folders and colors. Shots Only: displays only the shots in the Studio, scenes and folders […]


Order The Studio displays elements in the following order: shots, scenes and folder. However, you can decide how the elements are sorted within these categories. Tap on the icon next to “Studio” in the top bar to define the order of the elements in your Studio. Most recent files will sort your shots, scenes, and […]


Create The Studio is the first interface you see when you open Callipeg. It gathers all the shots, scenes and folders. When you start the app for the first time the Studio is empty. Tap on + in the top-right corner and create a New Shot, a New Scene or a New Folder. Tap on […]

Linked Sheets

Linked sheets are clones of other sheets in the timeline, they will inherit all pixel modifications made to the original sheets and vice-versa. To create one or several linked sheets, select one or several sheets and tap on this icon. You can use this icon the same way as the other duplicate icons and […]


Tap on this icon to create a new cycle with the selected sheets. When you extend a cycle, all the sheets after the white dash are repeated sheets. The repeated sheets are linked sheets, and any modification on them will be applied to their sisters.  When you are on a linked sheet, the information […]


Markers can be added at the top of the timeline to help you locate important frames. Double-tap on the ruler at the top of the timeline to open the markers panel. Tap on this icon to place a Mark IN and a Mark OUT at the extremities of all existing drawing sheets and clips, or […]

Gestures in the Studio

Double-tap on a shot or folder name to rename it (for shots and folders), tapping on the name of a scene will open it. You can also rename via the menu icon. Scroll right on the shots horizontal list to view more shots. Scroll right on the scenes’ shots to view more shots in the […]

The Bottom Bar

The bottom bar is located under the timeline and brings additional buttons and information. The buttons allow to change the view of the timeline and the behaviour mode of neighbour sheets. The options on the left are modes that influence how the adjacent sheets behave when you resize a sheet. When you resize a sheet […]


References allow you to display images and place them anywhere over the canvas.
Tap on the reference icon in the top bar to open a reference window. A second tap hides all reference windows.

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