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Export to Clip Studio Paint

Export file in Callipeg

In the export tab of the settings, set the type as Sequence and the format as XDTS.

Choose the option “Clip Studio Paint“, then tap on Export and save in your Files.

This export is limited to what can be imported in the targeted program.
Only drawing layers can be imported to Clip Studio Paint from the xdts export.

Move your exported file to your computer and unzip it.

Import file in Clip Studio Paint

Launch Clip Studio Paint and create a new animation file with the same resolution and fps as in your Callipeg file.

Click on File > Import > Exposure Sheet and open the xdts file contained in your exported folder. 

Then you can see in your timeline that your layers and exposures have been imported.

However, you still need to import the images contained in each corresponding layer.

To do so, click on the layer group you want to start with and click on File > Batch Process to start importing image sequences.

In the Menu commands click on File > Import > Image and, on the right side, Apply to > Current canvas, and Save options > Close without saving. Then click on OK.

Then navigate to the folder corresponding to the layer group you previously selected, select all the image files contained inside and click on Open.

You can see in the timeline and in the layers panel that all the images have been inserted in their corresponding layer group.

Now select the next empty layer group and start the Batch Process again to import all the images belonging to this layer.

Follow the instructions starting with the Batch Process for every remaining empty layer group

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