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File Name

The File name settings allow you to determine the name of your files when exporting a large number of files (image sequence).

Tap on the settings icon and on the File name tab to access the File name settings.

The first part will determine the name of the folders containing your files. 
Each layer of your shot will be exported as a folder containing one image file for each drawing sheet.

Drag the nodes in the area above to create the folder name.
Drag an existing node to the bin to remove it from the name.

Name lets you choose between the shot name or the layer name.

Number is the number format that will increment according to the number of folders / files. You can type your own number format.

Text is a free text area, you can type whatever text you want and it will be added to the name.

A separator is automatically created between each element, you can choose between “.“, “” and “_“.

On the right side you can see the preview of the name of the first created folder / file.

The second part will determine the name of the image files contained in the folders. The mechanics are the same as the first part.

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