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Peg Export

Peg files are the animation files exported from Callipeg with the file extension .peg. These files can be opened in Callipeg and contain all your animation data.

It is advised to export your shots as peg files regularly in a cloud storage to manually backup your work.

You can export .peg files from the Studio as seen previously in the Studio export: swipe from right to left on a shot and tap on the export button.

Tap on the settings icon and on the Export tab to access the Export settings.

To export a .peg file, tap on the text bellow Type to choose Sequence, and in Format choose Callipeg.

Next to the preview are a few information about the exported file.

Shot Size is the pixel definition of the shot.

FPS is the framerate of the animation (number of frames in 1 second).

Storage left is the amount of storage left in your device hard drive.

Estimated size is the estimated size of the future exported file. The result is usually rounded up to make sure that the file size is not bigger than the estimated size. 

Tap on the Export button at the bottom to start the export.
Do not switch app during the export process.

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