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Import from the Studio

Tap on Import at the top-right of the Studio to import a photograph, an image, a video, an image sequence, or a Callipeg file.

Take a Photo

You can directly take a photograph or shoot a video with the iPad which will create a shot with the photograph’s or video’s dimensions.

Photo Album

Import photos and videos from your Photos app.
When you import an image or a video, a new shot is created with the image’s or video’s dimensions.


Allows you to import images and videos from your Files app. You can also import your exported Callipeg .PEG files and your backup files.
If you import a PSD, it will import the file with the different layers, however it will not include folder structure or blending modes.

Learn more about PSD import


The sequence import allows you to choose the folder(s) containing your image sequence. Importing several folders at once will create a layer for each folder.

Learn more about image sequence import

Images and videos with large resolutions will demand much more ressources from your iPad after the creation or import of dozens or hundreds of images, which can cause memory overflows. In that case, it is advised to decrease the resolution of your images or videos before importing them from the Studio or to work on shorter animation shots.

If you attempt to import a file with a resolution larger than 4096px x 4096px, you will be able to resize your shot to the biggest size recommended, or work with the original resolution.

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