Learn Callipeg


General Gestures

Callipeg is designed to operate the iPad gestures possibilities to make your use of the app as quick and intuitive as possible.

A single tap uses or opens a tool or feature.
Tap on any icon to use the tool or feature or to open various panels.
When a text is orange, this means that it is either selected or that you can tap on it to activate it or change the value or parameter.
Double-tap on a text to rename it. You can rename the shots, the layers and the palettes. You can also use the double-tap on a number to open the num pad and enter the desired new value.

The Studio

Tap on New Shot or Import in the Studio to create a new shot or to import a file or an image, and tap on a shot to open it.

Drag a shot over another shot to create a new scene. Drag a shot over a scene to add it to the scene.

Swipe from right to left on a shot or a scene to reveal the options.

The Canvas

Double-tap on the canvas to fill the area. The filled area is limited by the visible pixels and you can adjust the fill value with the slider displayed at the top of the canvas at the same moment.

Use a two-finger tap on the canvas to undo the action and a three-finger tap to redo the action.

Drag up and down with 3 fingers on the Canvas to flip through the sheets.

Drag up and down with 3 fingers on the Canvas to flip through the sheets.

Two-finger long touch to open the floating menu where you can clear, flip, copy and paste. Drag up and down on the double arrows icon to flip through the sheets.

You can drag the floating menu wherever you want with a long-touch in the grey area.

Clears the canvas by deleting all the pixels on the current sheet of the current layer.

Flips through the sheets or frames of the current layer by dragging up and down.

Copies the content of the current sheet of the current layer.

Pastes the copied content in the current sheet of the current layer.

Closes the floating menu.

Pinch 2 fingers apart to zoom-in, and pinch to zoom-out.

Twist your fingers while pinching to rotate the canvas.

You can also use the pinch to resize while using the transformation tool.

To snap the zoom at certain angles, go to the Settings, Canvas, activate the Magnetic Rotation and tap on the value of Snap Angle to change it manually to the desired value.

Pinch quickly your fingers together on the canvas to reset the zoom and pan.

Swipe up or down on the circles of the side-bar to increase or decrease the brush size and opacity values.

Or hold a finger on the size or opacity while you drag the Pencil up and down or right and left to change the value.

You can draw using the fingers by activating Allow Finger Drawing in the Canvas Settings.
When this setting is ON, you can draw with the fingers and capacitive styluses, but you won’t be able to use the pressure for the brushes.

The Layers

Tap on a layer to set it as the current layer and to edit it.

Double-tap on the name of the layer to rename it. If the name is too long to be displayed, pinch your fingers apart to hide the icons and show more of the name. Pinch it back to place.

Swipe from left to right to select one or several layers.

Press the menu icon and drag your finger or pencil to the desired feature.

Press and drag up or down the horizontal bar to expand or minimize the timeline.

Drag left or right to decrease or increase the opacity of the layer.

Tap and hold the magnet to stick all the sheets together and remove any blank space.

Drag a layer to move it up or down the pile of layers.

Tap with 4 fingers to Play and Stop the animation.

The Timeline

A single tap on the timeline sends you at the corresponding image or time of the animation.

Drag left and right to flip through the sheets.

A double-tap on a sheet in the timeline selects it. When selected, a drag from the selected sheet opens the radial menu, but if you do not choose any tool in the radial menu you will just be able to move the selected sheets.

When a sheet is selected, a drag on the side arrows increases or decreases the size of the sheet.

A double tap followed by a drag on the timeline allows you to select multiple sheets on multiple layers.

Pinch 2 fingers apart to zoom-in, and pinch them together to zoom-out.

Drag with 2 fingers left and right to navigate in the timeline.

Drag with 2 fingers left and right to navigate in the timeline.

Pinch quickly to reset the zoom of the timeline.


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