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Group Layer

The layer Group allows you to nest your layers inside of it and create a hierarchy to better manage your load of layers.

It allows you to quickly hide or show the nested layers.

To create a new layer Group, tap on the icon to add a new layer located at the top of the layers pile, then choose the group layer icon.
The previous current layer will be placed inside this new group.

You can select several layers before creating a new group to place them directly into this new group.

The layer group is a parent layer in the hierarchy of the layers. Groups can be placed inside of other groups so then can be both parent and children.
Some of the icons from other layers can also be found in the group layer.

Drag up or down to increase or decrease the opacity of the group.

Disables the group or selected groups.

Locks or unlocks the layer. When a layer is locked, you can't change the content or timing of its nested children layers.

Tap on the menu icon to open the layer's options.

The red icon deletes the layer. You can then choose to delete the group layer alone, or with its nested layers.

Copies the current or selected layers. You can paste in the current shot or in a different shot using the paste icon above the layers.

Selects all the layers contained in the group.

Duplicates the layer or selected layers without the content.

Duplicates the layer or selected layers with their nested children layers.

Shows only the layer or selected layers and hides all the other layers.

Shows the labels of the icons.

The timeline part of the layer group displays a compact preview of the layers nested inside the group.

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