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Drawing Layer

The Drawing layer is the basic layer in Callipeg. You can draw, import images, select and transform the content and fill areas with colors.

The circle 100% allows you to change the layer opacity. Drag left to decrease, and drag right to increase the opacity.

Shows or hides a layer or selected layers.

Enables the Onion Skin to see your previous and next drawings. You can set the Onion Skin color and intensity in the Settings > Onion Skin.

You can see up to 8 drawings (sheets) before and after your current drawing (sheet). When you are changing a slider value the Settings panel disappears to display your drawings and see if the changed value is adequate.

You can choose to display the Onion skin as Colors or Images which can be changed at the top (for previous drawings) and the bottom (for next drawings) of the Onion Skin parameters.

When using the Onion Skin as Colors, you can choose to display the drawings before and after in the colors of your choice.

Tap on Colors to change it to Images and see the Onion Skin drawings in their original colors.

Switch the sliders on and off with the buttons at the left of each slider. The values of the sliders can be changed independently. The Lock allows you to move all 8 sliders at once.

The option Render Position allows you to choose if the onion skin image is displayed over (Front) or under (Back) the current pixels.

The last icon is the menu. To use the options in the menu, either tap on it, or drag it up and go to the option you would like to use and let go.

The red icon deletes the layer.

Copies the current or selected layers. You can paste a layer in a different shot using the paste icon above the layers.

Locks or unlocks the layer. When a layer is locked, you can’t change its content or timing.

Selects or deselects all the sheets contained in the layer or selected layers.

Duplicates the layer or selected layers with the content. The duplicated layer is exactly the same.

Duplicates the layer or selected layers without the content. The timing is the same but the sheets are blank.

Alpha lock allows you to draw only within existing pixels.

Merges the selected layers.

Shows only the layer or selected layers and hides all the other layers.

The Magnet sets the sheets behavior to one another. It is disabled by default.

When there are several sheets in a layer, if you increase or decrease the length of a sheet, it will push or drag the adjacent sheet, even if there is a whole between them. If the Magnet is disabled, a sheet can only push another if they touch.
If you want to remove any hole in between the sheets, a long-touch on the Magnet sticks all the sheets together.

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