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Drawing Layer

The Drawing layer is the basic layer in Callipeg. You can draw, import images, select and transform the content and fill areas with colors.

The circle 100% allows you to change the layer opacity. Drag up to increase, and drag down to decrease the opacity.
Shows or hides a layer or selected layers.
Enables the Onion Skin to see your previous and next drawings. You can set the Onion Skin color and intensity in the Settings > Onion Skin.

Tap on the menu icon to open the layer's options.

The red icon deletes the layer.

Copies the current or selected layers. You can paste in the current shot or in a different shot using the paste icon above the layers.

Locks or unlocks the layer. When a layer is locked, you can't change its content or timing.

Opens the list of the Blending modes that will affect your layer's colors in combination with other layers.

Selects or deselects all the sheets contained in the layer or selected layers.

Duplicates the layer or selected layers with the content. The duplicated layer is exactly the same.

Duplicates the layer or selected layers without the content. The timing is the same but the sheets are blank.

Alpha lock allows you to draw only within existing pixels.

Merges the selected layers into one single layer.

Shows only the layer or selected layers and hides all the other layers.

Shows the labels of the icons.

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