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Layer colors

You can change the color of a layer by touching the colored end of the layer.

Layer types have default colors that can be changed in the Default Colors section.

When a color of a layer type is changed, all the layers of that type (e.g. Audio) will be changed as well.

When a layer has been assigned a user color, it will no longer be affected by the default colors changes.

Tap on the colored circle to change the color.
Tap on the name to assign the color.

In the "Default Colors" menu you can export this color list or reset the colors by default.

In the “User Colors” list you can add your own custom colors and assign them to any layer.

To create a new color, touch Add Color and choose the color with the chromatic wheel.
You can also type your color label.

Swipe on a color tag to access the options to edit the color, rename and delete.

In the "User Colors" menu you can export this color list.

At the bottom of the colors panel there are two options:

The import button allows you to import a color list.

The create button allows you to create a new color list.

You can't delete the Default and User color lists. Only newly created lists can be deleted from the list menu.

The color list panel is made of two tabs, the Library tab and the Shot tab:

The Library tab is the one we have reviewed so far, it contains the default colors, the user colors, and other lists that have been created while using this tab. The library tab can be accessed from any shot throughout the application.

The Shot tab allows you to link color lists to a specific shot. Lists can be imported from the Library or directly created in the Shot tab.

When you import a list in the Shot tab, you can choose either Files or Library.

Using Files, you will be able to browse in your Files app and retrieve a previously exported color list.
Using Library, you will be able to choose one of the color lists in the library tab.

As users have their own color library, assigning color lists to your shot is useful while collaborating with other users. Another Callipeg user will be able to display the same layer colors and access the shot’s color lists after opening your shot.

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