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The Floating Menu

Use two-finger long touch to open the floating menu where you can access additional options and colors.

Drag the floating menu wherever you want with a long-touch in the grey area.

In the basic state of the floating menu, you can access the following additional options:

Clears the canvas by deleting all the pixels on the current sheet of the current layer.
Flips through the frames, sheets of the current layer, or markers by dragging up and down.
Copies the content of the current sheet of the current layer.
Cuts the content of the current sheet of the current layer.
Pastes the copied or cut content in the current sheet of the current layer.

You can switch between various displays of the floating menu, including the copy, cut, paste, clear, flip tools, the chromatic wheel, color sliders and the current palette.

Closes the floating menu.
Switches from the tools to the current palette colors.
Switches from the palette colors to the tools.
Tap on the small chromatic wheel the enlarge the menu and use the wheel to pick colors.
Switches from the chromatic wheel to the sliders and hexadecimal display.
Shrinks the floating menu to its original size.

After choosing the color in the chromatic wheel, tap on the empty circle at the top of the external ring to add the current color to the current palette.

The slider display is circular in the floating version. 
Drag your Pencil or finger up and down on the values to increase or decrease them.

Tap on the hexadecimal value in the center to edit it.

If the sliding proves difficult because of the Scribble feature, it is advised to disable Scribble in your iPadOS Settings.

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