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Gestures in the Studio

Double-tap on a shot or folder name to rename it (for shots and folders), tapping on the name of a scene will open it. You can also rename via the menu icon.

Scroll right on the shots horizontal list to view more shots.

Scroll right on the scenes’ shots to view more shots in the scene.

Tap on the scene name to open and display all the shots contained inside.

Scroll right on the folders to view more folders.

Scroll down on all the categories to view more scenes and folders.
Scroll down on the shots vertical list to view more shots.

Sort the elements with User Order to be able to move your shots, scenes, and folders in the order you want.

Drag shots/scenes/folders over other elements to create groups, or add them to existing groups.

In the color tag filters, drag and drop a color to assign the color tag on a shot.

Select multiple shots to assign a color to these selected shots with the drag and drop.

Swipe left on a color filter to Edit the color, rename the color, or delete it.

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