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Peg Import

Peg files are the animation files exported from Callipeg with the file extension .peg. These files can be opened in Callipeg and contain all your animation data.

Peg files can be shots that you exported yourself or backup files automatically generated by the app.

Learn more about backups

To import a Callipeg .PEG file, in the Studio tap on Import and choose Files.

Peg files can be opened directly from the Files app.

It is advised to export your shots as peg files regularly in a cloud storage to manually backup your work.

Learn how to export Peg files


When imported in the Studio, the shot is heavier than the peg file. Shots are opened and ready to use, which allows you to quickly switch between two shots with limited loading time. Compress the shots that you are not working on to free storage space.

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