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Video Layer

The video layer allows you to import videos from your Photo Album or from your Files. You can also shoot a video directly from the Studio and start a new shot from there.

When you import a video from the Studio, the shot created inherits the video’s dimensions and FPS. If you wish to set the dimensions and FPS of your shot in advance, create a shot first and then import a video from the Timeline.

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The video layer can be edited like the drawing layer. You can rename it, lower its opacity and manage the clips in the Timeline like the sheets of a drawing layer.
The layer has the same options as a drawing layer apart from the Onion skin, the Alpha Lock and the Duplicate with structure. It has an import icon to allow you to easily import one or multiple videos within the same layer, and a rasterize icon to convert a video into drawing sheets.
The import icon allows you to import several videos in the same layer. These videos are laid out as different successive clips in the Timeline.
The Rasterize icon allows you to create a new layer with the video converted into drawing sheets.

When you rasterise a video layer, you have the possibility to set the timing of the drawing sheets. Hold on the icon to get the timing ruler from 1 to 6, or simply tap on the icon to get the numpad and enter the value manually.

You can split the video clips the same way you would the drawing sheets and move them around in the Timeline.

A video clip can’t be moved into a drawing layer and a drawing sheet can’t be moved into a video layer.


In the timeline, if you have at least one video clip selected, the Action Panel displays these options:
Deletes the selected video clip(s).
Duplicates the selected clip(s).
Sets the playback speed of the video, which allows you to speed up or slow down the imported video.

100% is the original speed of the video. If you choose a value under 100%, the video will be slower, and if you choose a value above 100% the video will be faster.

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