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The Top Bar

Tap on the icon on the top left of the interface to go back to the Studio.

! When you go back to the Studio the Undo and Redo history is cleaned !

The Settings icon is the second icon of the top bar. Tap on it to open the Settings panel.
Tap on the Timeline icon to show or hide the Timeline located at the bottom of the screen.
24 The number indicates the framerate: the number of frames in a second.
Touch this button in the top bar to invert the canvas horizontally. Hold your finger or pencil on this button to access the vertical mode and invert the canvas vertically.
A notification bell appears when a backup is set to be saved. You can choose to backup right away, to hide the notification by tapping on the bell, or to dismiss the backup by tapping on "Remind me later".
When there is audio in the shot, the master is displayed in the top bar and allows you to change the volume and mute the audio for the entire shot.
This icon displays or hides the image reference panel.
Tap on the Picker and then tap on the color you want to set it as the active color to draw or fill.

Tap on the circle in the top-right corner to access color options.

Learn more about the Colors

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