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Out of Pegs

The Out of Pegs gives the possibility to move the onion skin of the sheets adjacent to the current sheet. It is managed via the onion skin bar with bricks that represent the pegs of the onion skin.

This icon located at the top of the layers pile allows you to open the Onion Skin bar and access all the Onion skin options quicker and the Out of Pegs options.

The menu icon allows you to access the onion skin and out of pegs options.

To enable the Out of Pegs, turn on the switch in the out of pegs options.

You can also enable the out of pegs in the onion skin bar. Touch the current peg above the current frame to quickly enable the Out of Pegs.

You can then tap on the adjacent peg corresponding to the onion skin sheets before and after, and choose Edit Out of Pegs.
You will then be able to move the corresponding onion skin drawing wherever you need to.
You can edit several pegs at the same time.

Tap on the checkmark on the peg when you want to exit the edition mode.

The onion skin pegs that have been moved out of their pegs are orange. The out of pegs is linked to the corresponding sheet in the timeline.

Visible on Current Frame means that the shifting of the drawing on the onion skin peg is also visible on the corresponding sheet when current.

When Visible on Current Frame is enabled, you can long touch on the current peg to access its out of pegs options.

You can enable and disable the out of pegs at any time by tapping on the current peg.
When the out of pegs is disabled, the onion skin is displayed as usual.

When you have made modifications in the out of pegs, you can reset all modifications on all the pegs by going to the onion skin bar menu and tapping on Reset All.

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