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Export to After Effects

Export file in Callipeg

In the export tab of the settings, set the type as Sequence and the format as JSON.

Choose the option “Adobe After Effects“, then tap on Export and save in your Files.

This export is limited to what can be imported in the targeted program.
The following information will not be imported: audio layer, video layer, palettes, brushes.

Move your exported file to your computer and unzip it.

Import file in After Effects

Download the following script:

Launch Adobe After Effects and click on File > Scripts > Run Script File.

Choose the downloaded import script “CallipegImportToAe.js“, and click on Open.

In the next popup that appears choose Use Time Remap.

[ The option ‘One sheet per layer’ will import each drawing sheet on a different layer and gather every layer in a composition. Every layer from Callipeg becomes a composition in After Effects which contains one layer per image. ]

When the finder window reappears open your shot folder, choose the Data file and click on Open.

You can now continue working on your shot in After Effects.

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